New York’s JFK Opens World’s First Terminal for Furry Jet-Setters


Images: The Ark at JKF

Pampered pets and other furry creatures will soon rejoice for the luxurious airport lounges and massage chairs will no longer be an exclusive indulgence for humans. New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport has unveiled a $65 million privately-owned animal terminal with 24-hour services for traveling pets.

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One would find a comfortable space within the massive 178,000-square-foot cargo building, called The Ark, which accommodates your animals in a safe, healthy environment with high-standard care and facilities. The project, originally fronted by Racebrook, includes a partnership with Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and the Agriculture Department for expert input.

Indeed, the newest unveiling marks an effort to alleviate the pressure and complexities derived from transporting live animals.


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“Transporting live cargo by plane can be a complex and stressful process for owners and animals alike,” said chief executive of Racebrook John J. Cuticelli Jr. “Our goal is to create a more efficient and safe process by reducing the need for additional travel and offering trained animal care staff pre- and post-flight.”

The first phase of the development was officially unveiled in January, with The Ark expected to be fully operational by mid-2017. Amongst services provided at the Ark includes the recently unveiled Equine and Livestock Export Center for horses and livestock, and even a specialized habitat dedicated to birds of all wing stripes.

“Four years ago, we embarked on this process to address the unmet needs for the import and export of companion, sporting and agricultural animals at JFK International Airport," adds Cuticelli Jr. "The ARK provides a healthy and comfortable environment, and sets new international airport standards for comprehensive veterinary, kenneling and quarantine services.”

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