Insider’s Picks: Stunning Private Islands in Asia You Can Actually Buy

Hate summer crowds and insufferable mass of people? Summer is a time for frolicking by pristine beaches and lavish resorts, but the most popular time of the year attracts people from all over the world, possibly ruining what you imagine to be an exclusive summer getaway. If a complete cut off from civilization is what you need, check out some stunning private islands in Asia up for sale:


Images: Private Islands Inc.

Price: Available Upon Request

Located in Noonu Atoll, Maldives, the 44-acre island is the living archetype of the stunning tropics, boasting pristine beaches, a beautiful coral reef and clear waters for the ultimate digital detox. Revel in its untouched natural beauty or use it as a canvas to develop your dream island. 

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Price: US$6.69 million

The Maldives is famed for its stunning beaches and the private island of Bandaa Dhidhoo is no different. White sandy beaches, loads of palm trees crystal clear waters make this gorgeous, 59-acre island equally perfect for a tropical getaway or a possible hotel development.


Price: US$3 million

This 40-hectare island is one of rolling hills, with sweet coconuts and shrubbery. Its highest point boasts a maximum elevation of 65 meters above sea level, and makes a perfect destination for snorkelling, scuba diving and parasailing, among other water sports. The nearest towns, including Luzon, Samar and Masbate are only 30 minutes away by speedboat.


Price: Available Upon Request

At 102.78 acres, the Keraamithaa Island is one of both impressive size and immense beauty, surrounded by an amazing coral reef and a crystal clear lagoon. Bask in the summer sun and crisp sandy beaches in the privacy of this exclusive island.

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Price: US$160 million

If your style is best described as pure, extravagant living, the utterly exorbitant Rangyai Island of Thailand is the largest one up for sale in the picturesque region. The island lies not too far from the immensely popular Phuket and Coconut Island, approximately 20 min away each, making it an ideal position for possible developments. The 110-acre island already has basic amenities including fresh water, electric generator, and mobile signal, so you are not completely cut off from reality.

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