Tod's Backs Colosseum Restoration, Phase One Complete


The Colosseum is arguably the quintessential symbol of Roman history, and remains significant despite its partial ruin from stone robbers and earthquakes.

But it won’t continue to waste away anymore, since Tod's embarked on a significant undertaking that will support the restoration of the largest Amphitheatre ever built in the world, pledging €25 million.

Originally developed in agreement with Rome’s archaeological heritage department, for Ostia Antica and the commissioner of Rome’s archaeological areas, the project was able to materialize because of Tod's group and their subsequent involvement.

The works, which started in 2013, are currently in place with phase one duly completed. Carried out on the northern and southern façades, including 31 arches, phase one saw the implementation of brand new gates in place of the current arch enclosure system as well as the cleaning up of over 13,300 square meters. The public could still visit the Colosseum during the works.

The next challenge for the team will be to restore the underground vaults and passageways. In the meantime, a compliance-tested ultility system will be implemented as well as a visitors’ service centre, allowing access from the Colosseum’s outer area.

Of some fascinating discoveries made during the works, a gladiator is depicted on an approximately 60 cm high relief that is presumed to date back to the Flavian age. Dentils also appeared along the lower cornice of the attic on the Colosseum’s northern façade, where they alternated with different rosettes to form an essential part of the decoration.


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