The Trump Makeover: Detox Retreats and Spas for A Better Soul

If you paid any attention to Donald Trump, there is something that’s hard to miss. No, it’s not his infamous hair or his tendency towards a familiar black suit, white shirt and red tie combo. It’s not even that his hands are unusually tiny, or that his wrists rarely flaunt a respectable watch.

It’s his skin. The man loves himself a fake tan, as we can clearly see the color disparity between the pale patch around his eyes and the unflattering orange tint on the rest of his skin.

One typically gets a spray tan expecting to look lovely and sun-kissed, but Mr. Trump, that’s certainly not a lovely summer’s glow! Instead of a spray-tan, try these detox retreats and lavish spas for a better soul. After all, looking good starts from within.

The Tungku Batu at The Datai Langkawi


The Datai Langkawi may be famous for sitting in the middle of 10 million years of history (that’s how old their legendary rainforest is), but their hot stone massage is pretty legendary too. The Tungku Batu ‘heart of stone’ massage is a signature treatment featuring some slight heating with herbs from the rainforest, followed by a river stone to knead your muscles. To finish, let loose with therapeutic massage that uses an aromatic oil infused with ginger, lime, cinnamon, pandan leaf and black cumin.

Singapore’s Calla Spa


This one’s half the world away from Manhattan, but a businessman is always jet setting around. So the next time Singapore plays host to meetings and business trips, the Calla Spa is an excellently located sanctuary in the midst of the Central Business District. One can expect a luxurious hybrid of the Japanese hot springs and mineral pools for an invigorating experience. There’s also foot reflexology, mineral Jacuzzis and in-house bistros in case you get hungry.

Digital Detox Retreat


The smartphones are here to stay as one can clearly see in most spaces they enter. People hurry by with their noses buried in their phones, or wait around with their eyes focused solely on the screen, checking on their endless emails and valuable social media notifications. It’s become a part of the new era. But going cold turkey doesn’t have to be a massively painful experience. Enter the Digital Detox Retreat – a weekend of cathartic detoxing of all things digital, in a therapeutic weekend at the dreamy Alila Villas Soori. Expect some much needed meditating, yoga, spas and a tantalizing menu of healthy food, because the first step to exuding radiance always starts from within.

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