Evolving table: Archimède by Enko


In tribute to the greatest mathematician of classical antiquity, Enko has created a contemporary version of the "Archimedean screw" and centers this invention in our daily life. The table designed by Enko can evolve and can take on three positions, accommodating between four and twelve people depending on its use. Enko has placed the table at the center of our lives and highlights the multifunctional aspect of the family unit. With a leg doubling as a central screw and a compartmentalized tabletop, Archimède can take on several positions, and is adaptable furniture.

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In the "down" position, the table features a wide circular base suitable for up to six guests. Halfway raised, when the two surfaces meet, Archimède transforms into a majestic reception table, with its capacity boosted for up to twelve people. Thanks to its simple but ingenious rotating movement, this piece can rise further, unveiling an elliptical cocktail bar. Archimède adapts to all situations, allowing easy handling, both inside and outside. You can get one of these for €4600.

The French design studio was established by Bruno Lamoureux in 2010. Being a hybrid studio, Enko provides innovative solutions from design to production, and develops both in-house creations and exciting co-branding projects. Enko’s approach redefines established processes and rules (Archimède is proof), and challenges accepted practices in the world of industrial design.

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