The Creepy Coffee Table of Your Darkest Nightmares


Photos: 1stdibs

Don’t like guests at your place? Prefer living in solitary darkness and uninterrupted loneliness? Then these coffee tables might do the trick. They’re the creepiest crawlies of your wildest nightmares (after all, creepy crawlies aren’t most people’s idea of a fun night out), though these ones are far more valuable that you might give credit for. In fact, the guests you might be trying hard to shun might admire and recognize them for their historic value! These rare gems date all the way back to the 70s and are considered rare antiques, making appearances at online auctions and fetching prices in the range of 21 grand.

French artist Jacques Duval-Brasseur's interesting creations are part of a series of glass top tables supported by various fearsome (yet misunderstood?) creatures made of bronze and brass for an added charm.


This charming crab table is a delightful guest favorite, with sharp, inviting pincers and a wonderful spread of roe aglow on its back.


Scorpions are predatory arachnids, with a venomous stinger and sharp pincers, but this rare, scorpion coffee table in illuminated brass is absolutely your friend.


This exceptionally gilt sculpted brass console table could totally double up as a coffee table, and plus points for the abstract looking bat with glorious wings outstretched.

Creepy crawly they may be, but you’ve got to admit, they are very artistic, and have lasted through the decades in remarkable condition.

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