Weightless Bliss in Elysium Chairs


Imagine the bliss of being feather light, as if in the endlessness of space, right here on Earth – for $26,000.

Over 14 years ago, Dr David Wickett envisioned a chair that could mimic weightlessness. Fast forward to the present, and the British inventor and furniture designer has become one of the few faces in the world of design to blend art and science, and most recently in his latest vision, the Elysium Chair.

In Greek mythology, Elysium describes a concept of afterlife; a state of perfect happiness that only the chosen ones were entitled. ‘Elysium’ is also a word to describe, very simply, bliss.

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Now the Elysium Chair, on the other hand, attempts to recreate these concepts with an equation that boils down to the definition of posture against gravitational force. In the form of perfect ergonomics and feathery comfort, your body state spans the halfway mark of being upright yet reclined.

Every chair is handcrafted at their Cambridge workshop, and the chair offers two modes – either in a lockable recline or free motion. They call it the chair that ‘neutralizes gravity’ – indeed, the 25-degree angle in which it spans has the body passing through a point of zero gravity, where pressure distributes evenly and shear approaches zero.

Elysium chairs come in Scandinavian leather in a variety of about 70 different colors.

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