These High-End Refrigerators are Totally Fancy


The humble refrigerator is a household staple – most homes have it to keep food chilled and fresh. You probably don’t really give the refrigerator at home a second look, not even when you hunt for mid-afternoon snacks and the likes, but what if it was absolutely stunning? These high-end refrigerators run the gamut from having a vividly stunning aesthetic to being absolutely avant-garde:



It’s not hard to see why the Dolce&Gabbana X SMEG collection took off. Last year’s collaboration includes the ultra-fabulous Dolce&Gabbana X SMEG FAB28, a trippy refrigerator combining the artistic brilliance of Dolce&Gabbana and the timeless simplicity of SMEG. The result is of course a stunning masterpiece born of a fascinating mash-up between two arguably dissimilar brands, which despite so, share the same values of luxury and excellent craftsmanship. The limited edition FAB28 first made its appearance last year in Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2016, with only 100 pieces available. Price: Approx. US$34,000

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Fans of Michael Bay’s Transformers films might be extra sensitive to how that seemingly everyday car on the road might be a lot more than it appears. The fascinating Smeg Fiat 500 is one in particular that takes a cue from the Transformers franchise, breathing life into old Fiat 500, allowing them to resurrect from their past life. Like sentient robots masquerading as cars, the Smeg Fiat 500 lives out its second life as a fridge, and we must say, it’s perfect for the automobile (or Transformers) fanatic. Price: Approx. US$6,100

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Fridges in disguise seem to be a running theme for luxury gizmos, but the Meneghini La Cambusa takes the cake as a colossal fridge-kitchen hybrid. Yes, you read that right. The unit can be custom fitted with a coffee maker, ice-maker and even a flat-screen television because you cannot miss a moment on TV even when looking for snacks. On the side, the unit even comes with a temperature controlled pantry! Who needs a kitchen with the Meneghini La CambusaPrice: Approx. US$41,500

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