Guide: How to Plan the Perfect Party

The festive season calls for big parties, so lay out the silverware and dance your heart out! But first, the planning…


Party season has arrived… yet again. Here we thought the year has only just begun when December quickly crept around, bearing its pretty festive vibes a little sooner than last year. Yes, it really is that time of the year again, as Christmas peeks from the corner, waiting for that huge glamorous party you are supposed to throw this time. It is your turn this year, they said accusingly.

Before you start panicking and throwing together some shoddy last-minute mess, sweep your guests off their feet with a perfect execution of this handy checklist. They really did not expect you to pull this off, but you will shine, and shine you will, indeed!

Start Three Weeks Ahead

Three weeks may seem like a long time, but no matter the scale of your party, you should start as early as you can. From the invitation list to the menu, it is a good idea to start thinking way ahead of the grand planning.

Do the 80-20 Guest List

For large parties, go by the 80-20 rule – expect that only 80% of your guests will follow through, so invite an extra 20% to make up for that possibility. By rule of thumb, think through the guest list weeks before your big party.

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Theme it up

Don’t just go with the random music and arbitrary decorations! Themes are not just pretty; a well-thought out motif also allows for a proper organization of ideas. Think ‘Great Gatsby’ or ‘Black and Gold’, or better yet, let your imagination run wild.

Send the Invites

Facebook posts and emails are both acceptable forms of invitations, but if you like old-fashioned paper invites emblazoned with fancy gold-lettering and lovely fonts, especially for more formal occasions (like engagement parties), then be our guest. Be sure to include any dress codes that you might require of your guests or preferred costumes to go with the party’s theme.

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Plan the Menu

What is a party without an excellent gourmet selection? They say a hungry guest is an angry guest, so lay out the smorgasbord and fill their empty stomachs with excellent food and tipples. The classic party popper is of course, champagne, but anything goes. Buy the first round of groceries about 2 weeks before, including drinks.  For catering, make sure your chosen caterer has excellent reviews, and you should plan for one about 2-3 weeks before.

When stocking up your bar, three bottles of wine for every five people is a good measure to go with or approximately three cocktails for each guest.

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