Guide: How to Plan the Perfect Party

The festive season calls for big parties, so lay out the silverware and dance your heart out! But first, the planning…


You May Need Help

Planning a huge party on your own can be seriously exhausting, nerve-wrecking and exceptionally time consuming, so unless you have the stamina and time, there is no shame in asking for help. From pre-party layouts to post-party cleaning up, and planning the menu and drinks, it is always helpful to spread the load. If not, forget about the DIY - have a list of party planners you can trust, and roll with it.

Select Silverware 1-2 Weeks Before

A week before might be a more reasonable time to have your silverware and china selected (make sure there is more than enough for everyone), and be sure have them polished within two weeks of the party.

Check the Ambiance

Don’t neglect the atmospheric vibes! For evening cocktails and get-togethers, warm lights are perfect for a soft ambiance. Don’t assume that natural daylight is enough for day parties – set aside some alternative lighting in case a storm decides to let on that afternoon. Select your music playlist, and have the flowers delivered a day before the party. Remember to arrange for the flowers weeks before to avoid any disappointments, unless you don’t consider them an important part of your preferred atmosphere.

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Bring the Dance Floor

Furniture can be rearranged so guests have ample space to move around and engage in conversation. Space out the living room for a possible dance floor, and start hiding particularly fragile items that are just begging to be accidentally knocked over. Designate tables for the dessert tiers, tipples and snacks. If you have your own bar, go ahead and hire a fancy bartender to inject some authentic party vibes.

Have an Emergency First-Aid Kit

Accidents happen. Wine spills and shattered glasses are just some possible horrors, so make sure you have band aid and wine stain removers lying around.

Have Fun

Period! The point of a party is to let loose and enjoy good company, so do exactly that, and take comfort in the fact that you have reached the end of this checklist. Now pop the champagne and take a spot on the dance floor.

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