Fine French Craftsmanship and Bespoke Furniture in Singapore: Christian Liaigre Special

Christian Liaigre has expanded to Singapore with its showroom on Purvis Street. [Christian Liaigre Special]


Elegance radiates through the fine craftsmanship of Christian Liaigre in Singapore’s showroom on Purvis Street. It’s not hard to notice the motifs of wood and nature as one enters the spacious studio, surrounded by minimalist pieces, as a tall wooden structure greets its guests’ arrival. The showroom sits at the heart of Singapore’s historic district not far from the iconic Raffles Hotel with its ground floor space redesigned by Liaigre in a double-unit refurbished shophouse.

As for its craft, the brand employs only the best French craftsmen and artisans among which some have earned the famous “Master of Arts” title. Every piece has to be made to exact specifications based on the client’s home.

'It is my firm belief that the work of an interior decorator entails creating a reflection of the project’s environment and local culture,’ said Liaigre, the founder of the company.

Indeed, each piece tells a story of meticulous attention to detail and bespoke excellence. A study table looks unassuming from afar, yet closer analysis reveals flawless leather from a French tannery that is extremely smooth to touch. A single piece of leather was used for the table, and only the finest hides were considered – a single blemish would deem it unusable. Another table stands out with an intense, high gloss finish with the texture of wire brushed wood.

Liaigre is no stranger to the world of furniture and interior design – the Frenchman quickly made a name for himself through his penchant for offering high elegance with a sense of modesty as his namesake brand debuted in 1987. Since then, the Liaigre group went on to extend its presence in London, München, Bangkok, Saint Barthelemy, New York, Miami and Singapore.

He gained a reputation for his excellent sense of light and space, as he reveals his deep knowledge of culture and tradition through his bespoke pieces. The designer believes that “decoration must not be a fashion”, emphasizing that the natural flow of space would be severely obstructed by superficial, ‘trendy’ elements. 

Of Liaigre’s many projects, the designer's work on yacht interiors appears to take on a fascinating medium. Because of the sea’s unpredictable and often aggressive environment, the interior of the yacht carries with it round, soft edges to minimize the possibility of accidents, and often has an instantly recognizable atmosphere. Of his work, including the interior of the 197-foot Seahawk, or the multi-awarded Vertigo yacht, the Liaigre yachting department brought to life the belly of a boat with an impeccable, bespoke nest, offering its owners both the comfort of curling up anywhere with a book, and the convenience of large and unique rounded sofas to create a flow of better conversation.

Of course, there’s no walk-in purchase with Liaigre – every piece is personalized and thought out with individual expectations. To design and craft a piece from Liaigre takes at least a few months, and judging by how remarkable each piece becomes, you might wonder if those few months were too little.

To say the environment plays a heavy factor in how each piece will finish presents an understatement – it defines it, almost, as the furniture offers a complementary touch to the space that surrounds it, bringing true benchmark of art and fine craftsmanship.

The Liaigre Showroom in Singapore is located at 9 Purvis St, 188588.

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