Madison Rooms Unveils its Refined, Members-Only Business Club in Singapore


Business and pleasure combine seamlessly within the walls of Madison Rooms in Singapore. With bespoke facilities and state-of-the-art technology, the new members-only business club invites the movers and shakers of the business world to build connections and establish present ones.

Don’t be mistaken though – Madison Rooms wouldn’t quite fit one’s typical description of a traditional country club or a regular restaurant/bar. Rather, the business-focused exclusive establishment engages its members in a conducive environment with excellent service that extends beyond the walls of the club.

“One of the premises that this club was built on is that business and pleasure are increasingly mixing,” says co-founder of the Rooms, Raj Datwani to Luxury-Insider. “Sometimes, the people that you do business with are not too different from the people that you hang out with, these days.”

From private meeting rooms equipped with high technology to facilitate global discussions to a buzzing cocktail bar, or an excellent cigar lounge to a gorgeous dining area, Madison Rooms makes for more than just an exclusive business club.

Among the many state-of-the-art technology that one can expect from Madison Rooms is its biometric security for fingerprint recognition and automatic credit card transactions. Dining also becomes a rather coveted experience as members enjoy savory cuisines led by World Gourmet Summit Chef of the Year 2015 and Executive Chef of the award-winning Bacchanalia, Chef Ivan Brehm.

Members also get to enjoy excellent rates from Etihad Airways, and a full suite of services from Quintessentially Lifestyle.

Indeed, despite its highly exclusive factor, there is something about Madison Rooms that feels like a home away from home, which isn’t far from what its founders have planned for the club.

“We wanted a neutral color palette; we wanted it to feel like a home,” says Datwani. “The club is all about being able to showcase to clients that matter to you, without necessarily inviting them home, but to your second home – we wanted to go with that feeling and vibe.”

If you were wondering about the story behind the name of Madison Rooms, the New York born-and-raised Datwani wanted to inject a vibe of New York’s best.

“'Madison’ only sort of conjures up good thoughts of Madison Avenue, and only the best of New York from Madison Avenue,” he says. “The ‘Rooms’ part is how we wanted to bring to life the rooms and the different spaces, which are very special to us.”


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