Insider’s Picks: Multi-Functional Furniture that Transform!

Evolving table



A small bar, an intimate outdoor table for four, or even a large party table for 12 – you get 3 captivating versions of this stylish table. The chameleon-like furniture evolves and adapts with whatever your scenario, playing out in tribute to a fine mathematician of classical antiquity. Watch the video to see the brilliance behind this fascinating design!

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Also a Foosball Table


For anyone who argues that a Foosball Table in your home is an unnecessary waste of space, this one does not have to be. The Teckell Intervallo doubles up as a coffee table, and looks perfectly lovely as one. A scaled down version of your conventional foosball table, this fancy furniture has a removable glass top that you can also use as a serving tray.

Dinner or Pool or Maybe Both


The Fusion Table certainly lives up to its name as it unexpectedly blends two seemingly unrelated activities. Bringing a new dimension in dining, so they claim, you can have dinner and then a game of pool in the exact same table. Simply take away the dishes once dinner is over and slide back the table top for an exciting game of pool to follow! Available in black, white, stainless or custom.

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Explosion Cabinet



This enthralling work of art indeed ‘explodes’ in a confounding and playful expression that shows off its maker’s mischief. As its exterior expands outward, one realizes how the fascinating furniture seems to easily retain its geometric beauty – indeed, the complex mechanics used to offer this creation took more than a year to perfect.

Jigsaw Furniture


You don’t have to buy a new set of furniture when you get tired of your current one. Naoto Fukasawa’s Common lets you shift around the pieces in jigsaw puzzle-like fashion, as one experiments with timeless landscapes with eight different cushioned forms. With different shapes and varying heights, let your imagination run wild!

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