A Bronze Statement: Natanel Gluska's Bronze Collection


Natanel Gluska, a Singapore-based lifestyle and furnishings company named after the artist, has released its latest collection, using Gluska's own silhouette and form as inspiration to create contemporary furnishings with a timely rustic feel. 

Gluska is renowned for his work with sustainably sourced wood, recycled into unique pieces that feature in his 2013 Wooden Series, each piece meticulously carved out of a single slice of solid wood.

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Bronze is the latest material the artist has decided to use, fashioning it into a range of exciting and breathtaking pieces as part of the Bronze Series. Gluska used photos of himself in different positions - seen in the fisherman lamp and little strong man table - as a muse, and made an angular and structured silhouette from those photos, which was then carved into wood before being created into bronze. 

The Fisherman Lamp, the first in the series is a 61cm bronze statue which was cast into bronze based on the artists silhouette. The second, a unique version of Gluska's S Table, with 30 bronze birds lined up on top of each other to form the table legs, and almost as if they are about to take flight; on top of the wooden surface of the table. Lastly, the Little Strong Man, made to look exceptionally tiny when set below a long bench.

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Gluska's meticulous handiwork is evident in the complexity of the Bronze Collection, making each piece truly unique. 

A Bronze Statement Natanel Gluskas Bronze Collection 2

A Bronze Statement Natanel Gluskas Bronze Collection 3

A Bronze Statement Natanel Gluskas Bronze Collection 4

A Bronze Statement Natanel Gluskas Bronze Collection 5

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