The Ultra Stylish Newton Espresso Maker Won't Need Electricity


The Newton Espresso

Call it a minimalist’s dream, but Newton Espresso’s upcoming espresso maker is clean, green and über-stylish. The lever-press coffee maker throws out the traditional stainless steel aesthetic for some sweet simplicity, and lacks the messy cords that tangle up and uglify your kitchen counter.

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Clean, simple and stunning

The espresso maker blends the charm of old tradition with an injection of a contemporary aesthetic. But why go back to the past, you ask, when it is clearly the age of coffee pods and way too many cafés around your corner? The answer is simple: to really enjoy a good cup of coffee, one might argue that you should get down to the nuances of making it. Save the fancy machines for tomorrow – this one allows for a lot of zen, and a cup of tastefully made coffee. Provided you enjoy the nitty gritty of the coffee making process.

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Two men, generations apart

The Newton Espresso was originally just an idea between a designer and an engineer who happened to be a generation apart in age. Needless to say, they thought to combine the best of their worlds, one old school and one new school, in a nod to the engineering and principles that define this machine. The result? A clean minimalistic espresso machine, simple yet functional and entirely durable.


How to use the Newton Espresso

The best part? Barista quality espresso – constantly. Because it is non-electric, the machine is portable, robust and requires little to no maintenance. The lever-press operation also means the Newton is silent to use, unlike the sometimes unbearable whirring of some coffee machines.


A portable machine you can bring anywhere

The idea of the Newton Espresso is that drinking coffee is only part of the enjoyment, with the process of making a good cup as rewarding. The stylish machine is expected to hit Kickstarter in October with a price to be confirmed.

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