You Can Now Buy Furniture Featured In Fifty Shades Darker


For those who aren’t in the know, some of luxurious furniture pieces featured in Fifty Shades Darker were actually designed by Boca do Lobo. Interestingly, the sequel wasn’t the only movie where Boca do Lobo were approached to decorate and represent the glamorous life of Christian Grey. Yes, a few of the pieces from the first movie were also designed by the Portugal-based company.

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If you were more enamoured by the furniture in the Fifty Shades Darker movie, than the risqué activities between the two main leads in the movie, you’ll be happy to know all pieces featured in the movie are now a part of Boca do Lobo’s catalogue.

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The continued opportunity to be a part of the Fifty Shades experience gave Boca do Lobo a chance to introduce a new series of exclusive and exquisite pieces that were chosen to renew Christian Grey’s apartment. The Boca do Lobo Design Studio believes that the elegance and re­finement of each piece presented is timeless, perfectly matching the story’s environment and class.

We wonder if the luxury trends set by Boca do Lobo will be brought over to the next episode of Christian Grey’s extravagant lifestyle.

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