Quirky Looking Chairs That Up The Cool Factor For Your Home

Every home needs a focal point; be it an attractive feature, like an amazing view or a fireplace, or even a not-so-attractive feature like a boring television set. In recent times most folks have followed the trend of having unique sculptures or indoor foliage. Why follow a trend when you can cut your own path? Why settle for the norm when you can have something exceptional? Be bold, consider getting a chair for your home. No just any run-of-the-mill chair. We’re talking about the sort of chair that is daring, one that will not only grab attention, but in fact, demand it.

Here are 7 of the quirkiest chairs oozing with so much personality, that they are sure to take the cool factor of your home, up a notch or two.

#1. Skull Armchair

Even with all their maniacal gadgets and lairs, most if not all evil geniuses, from Batman’s Joker and He-Man’s Skeletor to James Bond’s Dr. No and Austin Power’s Dr. Evil, lack one thing…the Skull Armchair by French designer Harold Sangouard a.k.a. Harow. Part sculptural art and part furniture, it functions as a seat, just as well as it looks. The armchair is crafted using resin applied around an internal steel frame, before being given a black or gold high-gloss finish. With the Bultex foam seating covered in velvety black cotton, you can be sure that the armchair doesn’t compromise on comfort for its “evilish” good-looks.

#2. Wolf Within Shadow Chair

Behold. The very intriguing Wolf Within Shadow Chair by industrial designers Duffy London. At first - or even third - glance, the chair appears to be structurally impossible: the seat seems to be supported by only two front legs. Go right up to it, however, and you'll find that the gravity-defying feat is in fact achieved by the chair's wolf-shaped 'shadow', a stabilizing base made of faux fur. Part of Duffy London's Brothers Grimm-inspired collection, the Wolf Within is wrought from scarlet powder coated steel, and will add a dangerous pop of color to your pad. The Red Riding Hood allusion makes this a great conversation piece

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#3. Firstcall Chair by Ruud Van De Wier


The trend of an open floorplan, while critiqued of late, definitely isn't going anywhere, so finding a little privacy remains tricky. Imagine having company over for dinner, a mundane task like answering a call from work can suddenly feel like an overshare moment. Dutch designer Ruud Van De Wier’s Firstcall chair is a one-person-at-a-time hideout, designed specifically for making a personal phone call. The chair is the furniture equivalent of a Do Not Disturb sign, only shaped like a giant, cartoon phone and clad in special sound-absorbing upholstery for privacy.

#4. Multicolor Armchair

If the Mad Hatter were to design and craft an armchair, this is what we imagine it would look like. In that fashion, we suppose that Vittorio Fuiano is a real-life Mad Hatter when it comes to designing an armchair. Each Multicolor Armchair is hand painted by Fuiano with acrylic on wood. The chairs are all upholstered in faux leather and each one is numbered and stamped by the artist himself. For those who prefer a little less color there’s the Fashion Armchair, though tame in terms of colors used.

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#5. Boeing F-4 Phantom II Ejection Seat

Here’s something you don’t see everydayThe Boeing Store is offering authentic McDonnell F-4 Phantom II Ejection Seats. Yes, they are indeed genuine Mk.7 rocket-assisted ejection seat from an F-4 Phantom II. If you’re wondering if you can actually sit on this thing: yes you can. The seat has been professionally cleaned, restored and riveted to a durable, hand-finished sturdy steel base with a natural-looking weathered finish. The F-4 Phantom II Ejection Seat includes a seatbelt, grip handle on right side of seat, an empty oxygen tank and a release button on the left side of the seat.

#6. Leather Baseball Glove Chair


What better way to watch the baseball game on the telly than when you’re sitting on a baseball glove? Ok, maybe sitting on a baseball glove might not be all that comfortable. However, the aptly named, Rawlings Leather Baseball Glove Chair, will get the job done. Designed for the ultimate sports fan, seeking a comfortable addition to their sports den, each chair (and matching leather ottoman) is handcrafted by the master glove craftsmen from the Rawlings Glove Factory. Rawlings, will even customize the Glove Chair just like its does for its patrons’ baseball gloves.

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#7. Mantra Type C

Mast Elements added the "Type C" to the Mantra chair name in tribute to the racing car. Designed by Ciro Bergonzi, it certainly has motion. The central support is polished steel and from there on up, it's cushioned leather floating on air. It almost looks like something from outer space. That being said, it also looks it would be incredibly comfortable, with all that soft and supple leather.

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