Would you pay $150,000 for this bed?


Image: Hastens

Most of us spend about a third of our lives sleeping so we might as well sleep on something comfortable. The self-proclaimed “luxury bed of luxury beds”, Vividus by Hästens strives to give you a sleep experience like no other. Having established in 1852, the Swedish manufacturer has been handcrafting their fine beds and mattresses for more than a hundred years.

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Their latest bed is no ordinary one either – Hästens calls it the best one they have ever made. Aside from using only the finest natural materials, crafting the Vividus was nothing less than the result of painstaking traditional handcraft and detailing. Experiencing this end product is “like touching a dream”, says Hästens.

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Indeed, each built-to-order bed is the combined effort of four master craftsmen and 320 backbreaking hours. Even its materials are meticulously detailed – from its carefully hand-braided horsehair that is then unfurled, to its layers of padding from flax, cotton and wool. Of course, besides having each bed tailor-made exactly to your desires and expectations, Vividus by Hästens is made nothing less than perfection – right down to each joint, line and stitch. Otherwise, the craftsmen will start again… from square one.

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