Chopard’s Finest Collection Comes From a Flawless 342-Carat Diamond


A single 342-carat flawless diamond in the rough was transformed by Chopard into an enchanting six-piece suite jewelry collection. Whilst it was also possible to have the rough diamond cut into two sizeable gems, each still weighing an impressive 80 carats each, Caroline Scheufele, Chopard co-president and creative director envisioned a full collection instead.

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The dazzling gem is named ‘The Queen of Kalahari’, in reference to the desert where the mine in question is located, aside from how a female mining employee was the one who discovered the diamond.

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23 glistening diamonds were yielded from the Queen of Kalahari by Antwerp cutters, where five weighed over 20 staggering carats. Then set into six separate pieces of jewelry, the collection makes Chopard’s finest and most prestigious one ever created to date. Indeed, the jewelry maker, famous for producing some of the world’s most glamorous pieces, also offers in this astonishing collection a jewelry watch, part of the Garden of Kalahari collection.

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