$15,000 Diamond and Gold Contact Lenses for That Sparkle in Your Eyes


They call it the ‘window to your soul’, so you might as well glam it up with a fancy pair.

Created by Indian optometrist Chandrashekhar Chawan, the first contact lenses in the world to be embedded with gold and diamonds were originally inspired by his wife’s jewel-encrusted teeth. At $15,000 a pair, the sparkly range comes in white gold or yellow gold, with the option to have 18 diamonds in them. Talk about that twinkle in your eyes!

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According to Chawan, who works at India's Shekhar Eye Research Centre, each pair weighs 5 grams in total are sits away from the cornea at an average distance of about 6mm to 9mm. To sooth the eye, water is held in front of the lenses.

Shekhar Eye Research added that the design will not prevent the eyes from getting oxygen, and maintain that the lenses are comfortable. To add to the exclusivity, only 3996 lenses will be made, with plans to sell them internationally.

While some critics may consider the lenses a little extravagant, its principles are rather philanthropic. According to the Huffington Post, profits from the sale of these lenses will fund the treatment of people suffering from Stevens Johnson Syndrome.

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