Five Things You Didn't Know About Welsh Gold


The Rarest of Them All!

Widely believed as the rarest gold in the world, Welsh gold was originally mined in Wales. It was only last century when the country was considered among the largest producers of gold in the world. Since the last Welsh gold mine closed in 1999, the only ones left are those originally mined. One can still pan a relatively small amount from the rivers about Dolgellau, but due to strict environmental restrictions, the likelihood of having any more Welsh gold mines re-opening is pretty much zero.

It’s Hard to get Them Pure

Given its exceptional rareness, buying Welsh gold on the high street will prove a very extravagant affair. The ones you do find are usually a blend of other gold bullion, where the finishing product contains an extremely tiny amount of authentic Welsh gold – far less than one percent.

Distorted Impression

Over-commercialization and inaccurate blending has often distorted the impression of true Welsh gold, whose color can be best described from a range of common yellow to yellow-white in its natural state instead of its often rose gold-like hue from the addition of copper.

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Royal Gold

No surprise then, that this rare metal is the traditional gold for royal wedding rings, and even in a few of the Crown Jewels. Queen Elizabeth’s wedding ring was a product from an entire nugget of pure Welsh gold originating from the Clogau St. David’s mine.


Discovered in 1860, the Gwynfynydd Gold Mine in Wales was active until 1998. Since its discovery, the mine has produced an excess of 45,000+ troy ounces! That’s almost as heavy as a Cargo Copter. Gold from this particular mine has also been used in various contemporary awards, including the highly esteemed Glyndŵr Award, which recognizes outstanding contribution to the arts in Wales.

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