Envision Your Own Luck With Fred’s Lucky 8°0 Bracelets


Are you feeling lucky?

There’s a special mantra revolving around Fred’s newest bracelet collection. It says that luck is what you define through your own vision.

Indeed, the 8°0 bracelets’ profound message goes further than one would typically expect. Strikingly clean, yet effortlessly magnetic, it appears that luck naturally manifests in the beauty of these charming bracelets.

The bracelet’s handsome buckle comes in white, yellow or rose gold, where you can choose to have them partially or fully paved with diamonds. The way the buckles come together, as if to go on forever, appear to resemble the infinity sign, intimating the endless possibilities of what luck can bring. Whether to connote good fortune, or to retell the romance of endless love, bracelet’s true symbolism is up to its wearer’s imagination. After all, luck, as they say, is what you make of it.

The bracelet’s wearer is genderless, universal, looking perfect on a woman’s wrist or even a man’s. The 8°0’s soft leather strap, which comes in black, brown or navy blue, ages gracefully through time as it absorbs its wearer’s memories.

If you were wondering about the bracelet’s quirky name, that’s because the house is celebrating its 80th year. From its unblemished, aesthetic lines and its infinity sign (that really resembles the number 8), the bracelet is certainly a fabulous homage to 8 decades of masterful creations. Its founder Fred Samuel will be proud, for it was his philosophy that jewelry’s grace was the ultimate form of liberation and free expression.


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