Pretty Cabochons: Fred’s Interchangeable Pain de Sucre Necklace


Fred has unveiled a new collection inspired by the breathtaking Bay of Rio de Janeiro in its elegantly cut and polished cabochons. Indeed, the new Pain de Sucre collection brings out its creative edge with fresh perspectives, in a signature range that glistens with true sophistication.

Like the summers of Rio de Janeiro, the gorgeous collection explores the endless ways of wearing these sun-drenched cabochons, generous and iridescent with their floating, shimmering selves. There, the cabochons twinkle on a chain of pink gold in lush, ultra-modern vibes.

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The long, elegant necklace wears in its heart the precious cabochon, fanning out against one’s skin in whichever color they desire. Of course, with one’s changing moods, the Pain de Sucre necklace offers a clever system that allows its wearer to match the stone with their mood – just like the collection’s ring.

The featherweight, colorful stones radiate with joy, amplified with its setting in semi-paved diamonds and luminescent pink gold. The motif’s core invites with a neat, square shaped beauty in a design that echoes with the weight of the cabochon, as the Pain de Sucre look revives with a new lustre in delicate openwork and a mark of true sophistication.

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