Guide: How to Properly Store Jewellery

Properly store your jewellery to keep them looking lustrous; just like the day you first got them from the boutique.


When investing in fine jewellery and watches, one must always consider what goes on ‘behind-the-scenes’. Wearing a handsome timepiece for the very first time or a glistening necklace can bring a rush of glamour; a final touch to an impeccably put-together outfit. Fine jewellery requires maintenance, just like how you wouldn't leave your supercar rusting in the garage for months. When not in use, proper storage can extend the life of your precious gems, keeping your treasures dazzling as gorgeously as the moment you first got them.

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Clean and Dry

When it comes to jewellery, humidity is your ultimate enemy. Keep your jewellery away from perfume – silver is particularly susceptible humidity, and tarnishes especially easily with shoddy care. Always store your jewellery in a cool, dry place. Overexposure to extreme heat can damage your jewellery and might lead to colour changes. While it’s a good idea to have your pieces professionally cleaned every 1-2 years, good cleaning habits to practice on your own include a simple wipe down after each wear.

For more elaborate self-cleaning, you can soak jewellery in ammonia-based detergents with water every week. The overnight soaking process should conclude with light cleaning, whether with a toothbrush or any brush with soft bristles. Avoid powerful cleaning solutions at all costs, like bleach and acid-based detergents. While professional jewellery cleaners use special cleansers, there are many household items you can use such as lemon juice for sterling silver, mild dishwashing soap for gold and silver, and a slight drop of olive oil on a dry, soft cloth for pearls.

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Chemicals, Oils

Beware of household chemicals – even our own natural oils are known to discolour diamonds over time. If your skin is naturally dry and demands the essential skincare routine to maintain softness, apply them before wearing jewellery. Perfume should also be sprayed before – ideally after one’s shower.


Aside from the convenience that comes with good organisation, keeping different types of jewellery separate will save you from the horror of tangled pieces. Beaded necklaces in particular should be laid flat as opposed to hanging, which many prefer – but be cautious of heavier beads that can put unnecessary stress on the threading, leading to breaks. Pearls, particularly, are often strung on vulnerably soft, silk threads so always lay these flat in a case with lavishly soft interiors.

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Precious Metals



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Unlike diamonds, metals are a lot softer and might be especially vulnerable to scratches and dents. Gold, silver, platinum and other metals must always be separated from each other, lest softer metals are damaged upon accidental contact. Keep the similar metals together; silver should be stored with anti-tarnish strips, which will reduce the process of tarnishing by neutralizing sulfur gasses, keeping these glistening pieces shining for longer.



The hardest known mineral on earth has not much power against each other – indeed, a diamond can easily scratch another with little effort. Aside from investing in hard cases lined in fabric or cushion, with individual compartments for easy categorising, stored diamonds should not come in contact with each other to minimize the risk of scratches.

Though diamonds repel water well, oil and grease stick extremely easily. One should absolutely stay away from laborious tasks including exercise or cleaning while wearing jewellery, lest accidental knocks chip your diamonds.

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