Harry Winston's High Complication Histoire de Tourbillon 8 Boasts Two Biaxial Tourbillons


Harry Winston continues to explore the universe of superlative tourbillon timepieces, with the introduction of the new Histoire de Tourbillon 8. Featuring a two-biaxial tourbillon design, unified by a spherical differential, the new timepiece attains great heights in timekeeping and kinematic magic. The two large tourbillon cages perform a slow ballet with impressive precision. Together, these tourbillons display time through the use of two off-centre cones, housed in a large white gold case dedicated entirely to the grand complication.

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As its name suggests, the Histoire de Tourbillon 8, is first a story of the extraordinary technical prowess of tourbillon timepieces. In an immense space, which encompasses half of the watch, two large tourbillon cages are engaged in a constant dance. Every 75 seconds, each tourbillon completes a rotation on a 30-degree inclined axis. Nested within this movement, a second cage turns on its own axis, completing a rotation every 45 seconds. Within the latter, the balance wheel keeps the tempo at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour.

The principle behind the tourbillon design is to minimize gravity's influence on the balance wheel by enabling it to achieve the maximum variety of positions. With two biaxial tourbillons, the trajectory of its regulating movements is that of a disc inscribed in a sphere. This multiplication of dimensions endows the Histoire de Tourbillon 8 with the highest magnitude of chronometric properties imaginable in a mechanical watch.


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In the pursuit of precision Harry Winston has equipped the HW4503 caliber with two rapidly rotating superposed barrels, one of which is equipped with a slipping spring. By virtue of the latter component, there is no sensation of disruption when winding the barrels. Furthermore, the possibility of applying too much tension, which could potentially break one of the three springs, is neutralized. Together, these components guarantee that the watch has a continuous run time of 55 hours, and more importantly, ensures the rigorously calculated regularity to its movement. This quasi-constant flux of motive force maintains the rotation of the tourbillons and balance wheels.

Comprised of 117 components, each biaxial tourbillon weighs no more than 0.76 grams. Each of their two regulating movements operates independently. Nevertheless, they must be unified, so that their deliberately independent mechanical operation results in a single time measurement. To accomplish this, the Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 8 employs a spherical differential. The exceptional complexity of this system makes it possible to obtain an average from the two biaxial tourbillons, therefore eliciting a superlative level of precision.

Available in two color variations, each version is an exclusive 10-piece limited-edition. The first color variation is pure anthracite and the second version features dark gray with intense red accents.

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