Hublot X Berluti’s Classic Fusion Berluti Comes to Singapore


A fantastic of two greats took place during an exclusive cocktail session at Berluti’s Ngee Ann City boutique last month. There, guests witnessed the unveiling of the Classic Fusion Berluti, where the iconic timepiece now features Berluti’s characteristic Venezia leather and its iconic patina, amongst the collection of rarefied timepieces.

Also at the session were the Brand’s artisans, who flew in specially from Paris and Switzerland to exhibit the master craft of both powerhouses in the world of watch and shoe making, as guests witness Berluti’s shoemaking artistry and the impeccable putting together of Hublot’s manufacture UNICO movement. Guests also marveled at the handsomely exquisite Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto, as well as the All Black timepiece, displayed in a charmingly ornate shoe box.

The limited edition is offered in two distinct models, whose character and dials extend from the brilliance of Berluti.

If you found that the Berluti’s Venezia leather on the Classic Fusion Berluti has a rather distinct looking tan, it was surely the brilliance of Olga Berluti that made the exclusive end product possible. Hublot on the other hand found that dressing its dials with this majestic material would provide for a particularly beautiful finish. But such beauty is not without intense effort – as the complex process needs to neutralize the leather’s organic components in other to make each dial inimitable.

Each enviably exclusive Classic Fusion strap has been but created with the same meticulous detail as with every Berluti shoe leather, from the basic patterning and shaping, all the way to the eventual lacquering and mounting of the strap.



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