Interview: Caric Hon, Larry Jewelry CEO

Larry Jewelry CEO Caric Hon tells me about the importance of the human touch in crafting an especially fine piece of jewelry, the symbol of Yellow in this year’s star collection, and more.


I put on the Mysterious Icana Bangle I from the Timeless Nature collection, astonished by its illuminating brilliance and a strangely ineffable sensation. Its lyrical quality reminded of Incana flowers dancing in the breeze, and colors radiating curiously under dazzling studio lights. I wasn’t wrong, it turns out. A fine piece of jewelry, as Larry Jewelry CEO Caric Hon describes, is all about the feeling it evokes in its wearer.

This year’s Larry Splendor highlights the Yellow diamond, fittingly named after the Greek god of light, Helios, which Hon believes signifies an optimism that draws from the sun’s “natural power” moving forward in a “tough year”.

“We have to be energetic with the natural power from the sun to make us stronger,” he explains. “We would like to use the yellow stone as the energy driving us in 2016.”

But that’s not the only important thing. Hon describes the way a human touch is necessary in crafting a great jewelry piece, which for now no machine could possibly compare, as something bespoke speaks volumes of a product’s quality and uniqueness.


Larry Jewelry prides itself on persisting in meticulously handcrafted works, but what if time proves that machines can do a better job?

One of the major DNAs of Larry Jewelry is the quality, which comes from the durability and the uniqueness. Our products are handmade according to the demands and fits of the customers, their wishes and styles.

We make our products on a unique basis, meaning one or two pieces. We’re not going for the mass. Things that are handmade represent the uniqueness as well as the quality. Poor quality, whether machine or handmade, can be easily seen.

We will continue to craft our products in a way that is uniquely made by the human, so that we can show, and share with our customers, the true value of our pieces.

At the moment, we don’t have plans for mass production, so machine-made products are not our current consideration. But we will use the technology to modernize our presentations, in terms of marketing, presentations, ambiance and in the visibility of our brands.

As one of Singapore’s oldest diamond boutiques, did the strategy of Larry Jewelry have to change to accommodate a younger crowd with changing tastes?

Our philosophy is that we provide a comprehensive service to cater to the different demands, segmentations and customers.

Our main strategy today is to diversify because of the changes of the market demands and the pace of the market needs. Young customers have a lot of different tastes … different choices because of the rapid changes in the market – more competition because of brands, especially in South East Asian markets.

They may go for something very versatile, since they don’t want to keep their jewelry pieces in the safe like their parents. They want to wear it in their daily life, whether at work or at a high tea. Since two years ago, we have been diversifying our product range to cater to these segments, for daily life and for work, with a very modern look in different stones and materials.

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