Interview: Caric Hon, Larry Jewelry CEO

Larry Jewelry CEO Caric Hon tells me about the importance of the human touch in crafting an especially fine piece of jewelry, the symbol of Yellow in this year’s star collection, and more.


Larry Jewelry has an important presence in Singapore and Hong Kong’s jewelry scene. Are there any plans to expand beyond the two countries, especially beyond Asian shores?

Oh, definitely. Larry Jewelry has been, over the last (almost) 50 years, perceived as a regional brand. Some people even call us the Asian Harry Winston, because we are committed to selling high quality stones. If you ask a lot of our customers why they come back, they need uniqueness, rarity and specialness from our jewels.

To a certain extent, because of the increasing demand of rarer stones, we’re always looking for opportunities to expand. There already is a demand, so we have to find suitable locations and suitable places. From time to time we are exploring opportunities in Malaysia, greater China, Taiwan and Macau. At the moment, our key operation is retail, so we would like to look for a suitable retail location to fit our strategy.

Are there any plans to collaborate with someone, like a Singer or a Celebrity for a special collection?

We always look for suitable opportunities like these, but it may not be our main strategy because jewelry pieces are very personal and subjective, like our customers, who come to us for bespoke, tailor-made jewelry because they want something personal and unique.

We’re not producing for the mass with many pieces, so with regard to using celebrities, stars and singers, we are at the moment still looking for a suitable occasion and place, because of different cultures and environments. For culture, we have to find a perfect match, and it’s not easy. For example, some people in China don’t like blue because of traditional Feng Shui. We have to handle it very carefully, especially because [jewelry] reflects a personal style.

We also have different segments and different demands that require different styles. So to find an icon, we have to choose one very carefully to fit each category, so that’s also a big challenge.

What things are most important to you when you think about luxury?

People. I think that luxury comes from your own perceptions – your feelings. I think that if you ask me about luxury, we can write a book talking about exclusivity, uniqueness, quality... But for the word ‘luxury’ in Larry Jewelry, I would always emphasize on the human being and you might notice that.

No matter what quality jewelry we represent and source, it’s very important how we present ourselves as human. That’s why we care for our team and customers. That’s why luxury is about making people feel luxurious. When people buy your product in the commercial world, they also buy your service. Making them feel the luxury is not just in the product but also in the service.


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