Check Out Chanel’s New High Jewellery Pieces from Les Talismans De Chanel

Chanel has unveiled a new high jewellery collection and titled Les Talismans de Chanel, with a truly dazzling selection of 50 pieces. Like its moniker suggests, these mysterious creations express a hypnotic power through its magnetic and solar jewels, and we are left breathless:


The quatrefoil pattern, the true leitmotif of the collection, exalts a strange alchemy, like in the glittering coats of arms

The magic and aura of diamonds bring these totems to life with Japanese cultured pearls, sapphires, multi-coloured lacquer and enamel.

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Les Talismans de Chanel is a new and different collection, focused strongly on the creativity and liberty of the design.


The structure of the pieces uses three repeated motifs, like a closed circuit that contains the strength of the jewel at its core

Everything converges irresistibly to the centre of each piece in a concentration of energy.

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The jewels appear luminous and warm, like precious tokens of power, though always displaying distinctive lightness, suppleness, fluidity, versatility and comfort to the wearer that so characterises Chanel Fine Jewellery.


The collection is organised around three designs and consists of 11 sets making a total of 50 pieces in this strong collection. Unique one-off pieces includes “Envoûtante” necklace, “Envoûtante” Earrings, “Attirante” brooch, “Particulière” necklace. “Envoûtante” set was produced by the Chanel High Jewellery workshop at 18 Place Vendome.

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