Largest diamond discovered in over a century unveiled in London


Image: Donald Bowers

You might remember the Lesedi la Rona, which was discovered just last year in Botswana.

The staggeringly large stone, said to be at least three billion years old by estimate, has been famously described as a "once in a lifetime discovery". Indeed, the diamond weighs a startling 1109 carats and has been popularly compared with the size of a tennis ball.

The phenomenal find is also the largest diamond discovered in over a hundred years.

On Tuesday, the Lesedi la Rona has since gone on display in Sotheby’s Bond Street headquarters in London, where it is said to fetch an estimate of more than $70 million when it goes up for sale on June 29.

Meaning 'our light' in Tswana, the uncut diamond in the rough is currently second to the famed Cullinan Diamond, mined in South Africa in 1905. The 3016.75 carat Cullinan Diamond eventually produced nine diamonds, which are now part of the Crown Jewels.

According to reports, a cut and polished Lesedi la Rona could potentially yield the largest top-quality diamond ever, giving the current record holder, the 530.20 carat pear-shaped Great Star of Africa, a good run for its money.


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