This $95,000 Watch Is Like A Black Hole On Your Wrist


Image: MCT

Imagine something so black that it reduces 3D objects to mere 2D-like silhouettes as it envelopes them with its darkness.

”It’s the blackest material in the universe after black holes,” the British sculptor Anish Kapoor once said. “It’s a physical thing that you cannot see.”

Kapoor is of course, referring to Vantablack, otherwise known as the world’s blackest black. Now, this cutting edge material is the star in a series of edition watches by Swiss watchmaker Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps, and will launch this fall.

There are only ten of these in the world, though.

"It's profound, difficult to describe ... bottomless," says Pierre Jacques, chief executive officer of MCT of the material.

According to Jacques, the timepieces feature some elements that "look as though they're floating amid nothingness."

The watch case, measuring 45 mm x 45 mm x 15.5 mm, is crafted out of titanium. It’s coating is of black DLC, as well as its buckle with folding clasp. Its hand-painted markings bear no lume, though, with Vantablack is used on the dial and selected parts of the movement.

"This material is very sensitive, and we had to take care of many parameters before assembling the components, like friction and impermeability," said Jacques of the hand-assembled piece, whose dark aura is fittingly finished with a black alligator strap, with sapphire crystal for its face and case back.

If you’re familiar with MCT’s Sequential One S110 hand-winding movement, you can expect pretty much the same with this bad boy. In addition to its 40-hour power reserve, the timepiece has 471 components with 81 of them as rubies.

Finally, the minute hand rounds up to the :00 with a grand conclusion. As it hits the sweet spot, the next hour is revealed as a 270-degree sector rotates majestically, with the specific minute indicated by tick marks lining up.

To get a sense of how dark Vantablack is, watch how a laser’s light seemingly disappears over the Vanta-void:

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