Mikimoto Unveils Pearlescent Collection With Janice Wong’s Chocolate Art


When it comes to high jewelry, Mikimoto doesn't hold back. Its founder Kokichi Mikimoto is often recognized as the “King of Pearls”, having created the first cultured pearl in 1893 that only served as the beginning of his eponymous luxury pearl company.

The high jewelry brand recently celebrated the first anniversary of its ION Orchard flagship boutique with a lavish induction of pearlescent treasures and fine art. In addition to displaying ten specially flown-in Mikimoto jewelry, the brand unveiled a stunning Mikimoto X Janice Wong edible art installation fittingly dubbed Treasure of the Sea.

Inspired by the splendor of the sea and its great treasures, the art presentation considers the elusive pearl, reimagining its glistening surface in creating a sort of rare luminosity that’s only amplified by first light.

Treasure of the Sea is Chef Janice Wong’s latest triumph; created in different shades of blue isomalt, the ocean comes alive in all 160 degrees it was heated with, unveiling its oceanic splendor in an interpretive, living art sugar coral reef, illuminated with glossy blue gels and adorned with chocolate pearls. Each white chocolate ‘pearl’ was modelled after the fabled White south sea and Akoya cultured pearls and features mysterious flavors including praline pop rocks, Isomalt, Gula Melaka, Yuzu, Matcha and Laksa leaf lemongrass.

Of the stunningly rare pieces, a clear star takes the cake. Dazzling diamonds that total 31.57 carats encircle a collection of 17 golden South Sea pearls in an infinity loop, ending majestically in a diamond encrusted, ribbon centrepiece. Set in 18K white gold, the show’s centrepiece is certainly a treasure of the sea and perfect for the glamorous woman.

For something of pure sophistication with a somewhat understated glamor, the Ayoka Pearl Necklace strikes an excellent balance between elegance and show-stopping glamor, where diamonds and pearls meet perfectly in a stunning union. The multi-strand chest piece, set in 18K white gold with 387 pearls and 7.91 carats of diamonds, is made for the confident and esteemed Mikimoto woman.






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