Mikimoto's "The Pearl Necklace" book captures rich history of pearls in photos


Mikimoto’s ‘The Pearl Necklace’ is a collaboration between luxury book publisher Assouline, and award-winning journalist and jewelry historian Vivienne Becker. The book brings readers on a mesmerizing journey into the history of what many call the “first” jewel. Pearl necklaces have threaded their way not only through the history of jewelry but the evolution of fashion as well.

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The most authoritative volume on the subject to-date, The Pearl Necklace, tells a story through photographs, portraits and still-lifes of some of the world’s most famed pearls and renowned women who draped themselves in them. The Pearl Necklace features Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, Lady Gaga as well as prominent Singaporean icons Tjin Lee and Min Lee.

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In the volume’s pages which combine a rich exploration of the lustrous gem since antiquity, and pictures from past to present, Vivienne shows how the pearl and pearl necklace has through the ages to become objects of fascination and fantasy. Richly encrusted with myth and legend, and radiant with intrigue and romance, the pearl necklace is a universal icon like no other, often associated with class and luxury.

Renaissance queens, maharajahs, Hollywood starlets, and modern influencers have all made the pearl necklace part of their wardrobes, each wearing it after their own fancy. It is a symbol of feminine purity, a sign of status and power, an emblem of tradition, a quintessential heirloom and an opportunity for reinvention – adapting chameleon-like across centuries to become an expression of changing ideals of womanhood and of a woman’s place in the world.

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