The Oppenheimer Blue Smashes Auction Records With $57.5 Million Bid


Remember the Oppenheimer Blue?

The unusual rectangular cut Fancy Vivid blue diamond was set to break auction records earlier this month, with estimates that it would sell for over $45 million. Now, the 14.62 carat stone, who was named after its previous owner Sir Philip Oppenheimer, has smashed expectations with an astounding $57.5 million bid by an undisclosed private buyer.

Blue diamonds are no ordinary diamonds, being the second rarest diamond in the world apart from the more elusive red diamond, where only 100 have been discovered.

A Fancy Vivid blue diamond makes the stone even more extraordinary, since such gems are thought to make up a mere 0.00001% of all diamonds mined ever. The Oppenheimer Blue takes that remarkable rarity up a notch by being the largest of its kind ever to hit the auction.

The last blue diamond that ever smashed existing records was a 12.03 carat wonder, the Blue Moon of Josephine, which fetched $48.4 million at its auction.

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