Strange Creature Extracted From Russian Diamond Mine


Just when you thought you saw it all, an unidentified ancient creature was reportedly hauled from a diamond mine near the Mirninsky district of northeastern Russia.

There’s no telling what the demonic-looking mummy carcass is, as no one is exactly sure just yet, but according to researchers, its imposing canine teeth and defined jaws imply that the creature is a young wolverine. It won’t be quite a surprise either if the mammal happens to be from the weasel family, since its large skull and slender body seems to lend a clue that it could be of the Mustelidae family of carnivorous mammals.

The strange creature was discovered in an equally strange place, known for its one-of-a-kind diamondiferous sands (or sands that yield diamonds) that date as far back as the Mesozoic Era, back when dinosaurs and new plant species were beginning to spawn across the Earth.

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As it turns out, the creature may unlikely be as old as the sands from which it was unearthed, contrary to what its miners have probably hoped for, but it could still be quite ancient given its remarkably preserved self – other than its fur, the well-mummified creature still had some of its brain intact!

According to the Siberian Times, the creature will be headed for the regional capital of Yakutsk, where it will undergo a string of tests to determine what it actually is, so we will have to wait for the final verdict on this mystery creature.

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