This Beauty and the Beast Masterpiece was Made with 57,000 Swarovski Crystals


The upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie starring Emma Watson is not without an accompanying collection from Swarovski, laid on in this glistening series that breathes life into the most beloved Disney characters. Disney lovers, be enchanted with these illuminating collection, brilliantly reimagined in scintillatingly beautiful works that tell the story of love, youth and inner beauty.

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The Swarovski crystals make statement-worthy centerpieces, whether as a stunning Rose, dazzling with light’s refraction, or in enchantingly detailed, authentic renditions of main characters expertly made with the finest craftsmanship. One might even say that the pieces are as captivating as the fairytale.

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The expertly crafted Beauty and the Beast Limited Edition 2017 is a true masterpiece hand-set with more than 57,000 Swarovski crystals. If the scene looks familiar, it was this moment that marked the first ever computer generated imagery that made movie history. Only 250 pieces available worldwide.

And don’t forget the iconic symbol, the mythical Enchanted Rose in a stand out centerpiece, dazzling within a bell jar in the ultimate representation of inner beauty and love. Only 350 pieces available worldwide.

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