World’s Largest Heart-Shaped Diamond Sold For Record Breaking US$15 million


US$14.99 million (S$20.8 million) was how much the largest flawless heart-shaped diamond in the world sold for, according to auction house Christie’s. The diamond now tops its category of heart-shaped diamonds with the new record.

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According to Christie’s, the diamond boasts excellent symmetry and polish, aside from being the largest of its kind. Likewise, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has rated “La Légende” as a Type IIa rating, given its exceptional purity. Diamonds rated as Type IIa contain virtually no trace elements and are composed entirely of carbon, and make up a mere 1-2 percent of all natural diamonds.Designed by jewellery house Boehmer et Bassenge, the walnut sized gem was the clear star of Christie's Magnificent Jewels sale in Geneva, though it barely scraped past pre-sale estimates of US$14 – $$20 million.

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The stunning gem, named "La Legende", weighs a staggering 92.15 carats and makes the dazzling statement centrepiece of a necklace of cultured pearls. Sold on May 17 in Geneva by Christie’s, the diamond smashed the previous record set in 2011 when a 56.15-carat heart-shaped diamond was sold for US$10.9 million.

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