The 31 best CNY 2018 ang bao designs you can get in Singapore

Categories: The most fun | 5 best-packaged | Truly doggy-style | Traditional colours | Metallic options

The most fun ang baos

These ang pows contain more content than just wads of cash.

  • Hermes is top dog in this category, featuring 5 different ear designs to play with. Each dog's snout, and "hairdo", is different as well.

The 5 best-packaged

Of the dozens available, these take home the best-in-class for packaging.

  • Hard not to fall in love with Dolce & Gabbana's box set featuring whimsically-dressed dogs housed in a pull-put drawer and weighted down by an equally charming embossed token.

Truly doggy-style

  • Luxurious cloth ang pows from Lexus. Comes in a drawstring bag.

Traditional colours

For the sensible and reserved subset.

  • Bentley Motors' red packets come with their iconic front-grille design.

Gold / silver /metallic options

Eye-catching and modern.

  • Marriott Tang Plaza - also featured for best set.

Floral fantasy

A nod to nature.

  • Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre pays tribute to Nanyang artists Chen Chong Swee (Orchids Composition) and Lim Hak Tai (Peony)


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Stay tuned, this page will be updated with more designs as submissions come in.

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