ECOSSE Heretic Titanium Series


Featuring a first-ever all-titanium chassis, the ECOSSE Heretic Titanium Series marries traditional craftsmanship and superb engineering in a ferocious package. The motorbike's polished 2,150cc billet motor engine is supercharged, inter-cooled and fuel injected. Its engine blasts out 207bhp and 218 ft-lbs of torque at rear wheel. Still, with its nine-piece bodywork meticulously handcrafted from carbon fiber, the Heretic weighs a light 205kg.

The Öhlins custom, fully adjustable MotoGP-grade suspension, and ultra-compact six-speed overdrive transmission ensures smooth handling and an enjoyable ride. Safety standards have also not been compromised, with the billet ISR radial braking system, with 12 individual brake pads providing better grip. Comfort comes in the form of adjustable ergonomics and gel-padded seating. Each of these 10 bikes will carry the “Titanium Series RR Limited Edition”, with serial number engraved into the handlebar clamp and VIN plate. 

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