"Manned Cloud" By Massaud Studio


Zeppelins seem to be the latest craze these days as another
design company has come up with a flying blimp that houses a hotel with luxury
suites for 60. Called the Manned Cloud, this concept by French designer Jean
Marie Massaud, whose company, Massaud Studio partnered ONERA, France’s National
Aerospace Research Center, for this project. Its creator claims that the giant
airship is capable of flying at 280 km/h, which means that its passengers would
be able to circle the Earth in 3 days. 


As with the Strato Cruiser Airship which
we featured in October this year, such design concepts are always going to be
popular, and the eco-friendly tag that this massive airship touts just pushes
the interest up by several notches. But we’ll have to wait till next year to
see if this project ever reaches fruition.




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