Lambda Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Originating from the Greek island of Crete, comes /lambda/
, one of the finest and most exclusive extra virgin olive oils in production by boutique company Speiron.

Careful cold extraction, together with pressing the olives within ten hours of
the picking yield an oil of superior quality, with extremely low acidity – the
last harvest was just 0.19°, when extra virgin oils vary between 0.1 and

/lambda/ Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made solely from the
Koroneiki variety of olives, the best Greek variety available, known worldwide
for their fruity flavor. The end result is a rich, unfiltered oil with intense
fruitiness and medium peppery notes.

This limited-production extra virgin olive oil was awarded a
Silver World Medal at the 2008 New York Festival Awards. Available in strictly
limited quantities, a 500ml bottle retails at 37.12€, with a
minimum purchase of two and a maximum order of ten. A bottle of  /lambda/ in a specially crafted gift box
goes for 150€.


via Lussorian

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