Philippe Faur Foie Gras and Caviar Ice Cream



French makers of gourmet ice cream Philippe Faur have added
a new dimension to their high-quality line up of products.

Amongst their
impressive line up of 73 ice cream and sorbet flavors lies an unconventional
twist – a line of savory flavors, none of which one would ever expect to see in
ice cream.

These savory aromas allow the ice creams to be enjoyed not
only on their own or as desserts, but also as starters, accompaniments with
main courses, and even special sauces or dips.

Pepper, chili, chives,
Roquefort, basil and mustard are just some of the unique flavors available.
Most notable however, are their more luxurious offerings, which include
saffron, black truffle, fois gras and even caviar ice cream.

While their standard flavors retail at 11.90€ for a 750ml
container and savory ones at the same price for a 333ml tub, the more indulgent
ones are much more exclusive.

The fois gras ice cream is 50% bloc de fois gras
de canard, and was manufactured in collaboration with fois gras specialist
Rougié, winning Philippe Faur the Grand Prix International d’Innovation in

Their caviar ice cream, made with 60% white sturgeon Alverta Royal
Petrossian caviar, is available at 18€ for a 15ml sampler, or in a larger 100ml
format for 118€. All orders are shipped out of France to an international
clientele in special packaging that prevents melting for 72 hours.

Philippe Faur

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