Premium Cuban Rum - Havana Club's Maximo Extra Añejo



Straight out of Cuba comes one of the world’s finest rums, Havana Club’s Maximo Extra Añejo. This delicate blend of the oldest rum at the Havana Club cellars has been handcrafted by a team led by Cuba’s leading Maestro Ronero, Don Jose Navarro using traditional rum-making techniques. Only 1,000 bottles of this prized reserve are available worldwide.

Each one of the limited 1,000 comes in an elegant hand-blown crystal decanter inspired by the decorative arts of Cuba. The “Giraldilla”, a symbol representing the city of Havana, as well as the famed rum-maker is etched on its crystal stopper.

These stylish pieces come individually numbered, bearing the signature of master glassmaker Paul Miller. Encased in a lined wooden case with a certification of origin, each bottle goes for no less than £1,000 (US$1,950).

Havana Club

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