Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle



While Lotus' recent green initiatives have been well covered in the press, the British sportscar maker is developing a new concept that is totally unrelated to a new hybrid or sports car. Its new propeller-driven Concept Ice Vehicle (CIV) is geared towards another purpose – to help researchers on the Moon-Regan Trans Antarctic Expedition.

Measuring 4.5 m by 4.5 m, the lightweight CIV runs on a diet of biofuel, and comes with independent suspension. It is designed and engineered by ex-Formula 1 chassis designer Kieron Bradley.

A notable feature is a radar that can penetrate ice to detect crevasses. And should the polar explorers encounter difficult terrain, they can simply disembark from the CIV and lug the featherweight vehicle across the landscape.  

The CIV is expected to serve as a mode of transport for these polar explorers on the Moon-Regan expedition as they attempt to cover 3,000 miles across the Antarctic and conduct experiments on climate change.

But it would be an interesting idea to zip across the ice in this mean-looking trike, and one that just might appeal to White Desert, a specialist travel company that operates luxury trips to Earth’s final frontier.


via Autoblog / T3

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