Apotheke Cocktail Bar, New York City



Modeled after the infamous absinthe dens of 19th
century Paris, upcoming New York City cocktail bar Apotheke oozes with the kind
of ornate artistry and decadence usually reserved for the likes of a film set
or museum display.

Situated on Doyers Street, the location of a former opium
den, the bar will be helmed by renowned cocktail chef Albert Trummer, who has
split his vast selection of 500 drinkable masterpieces into various categories
including Stress Relief, Stimulants, Pain Relief, Aphrodisiacs, and Health and

His very own version of Absinthe, made from a secret recipe that the owners claimed has been around for 200 years, as well as over 1,000 bottles of liquor
from around the world.  

via Urbandaddy


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