Versace Home Furniture Collection



The Versace Home Collection
showcases the brand’s versatility in performing design sophistication with a
range of styles. This has extended to the stately black, white and cutting-edge
style of the contemporary Design collection.

The house of Versace started its extension to home
design in 1992 and the inspiration for each collection derives from a Greek
classic design theme that is now signature Versace.

That the home collection
design has evolved can be seen from the contrast between the ultra-modern edges
and the Versace logo subtly incorporated onto the fabric for its sofa arms, side table legs, table inserts and on the stems of

The simple curlicues of its edges contrasts with the
grandeur brought about by the logo, and this collection will be revered for it chameleon ability to either
co-op other design elements or stand out in its minimalism.

via Neu Black / Luxist


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