Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali



Anyone audacious enough to have ever contemplated owning a
slice of Bali will be quick to snap up the newly available Singapore-based WOHA
Designs' contemporary Balinese villas at its 14.4 hectare development in

Built on an elevated pleateau that converges with majestic limestone
cliffs sweeping down to the ocean, the Alila Villas feature a juxtaposition of
classical Balinese design elements and modern materials, culminating in a
spacious yet inviting vibe.

Private swimming pools come standard in the choices
of 3-bedroom private villas and 3-bedroom cliff villas, and are accompanied by
fully realized hotel and leisure facilities including a clifftop bar, spa,
meeting facilities and a fine dining restaurant.

Whichever the selection,
buyers can look forward to a host of enchanting surroundings in this exotic
locale to the southernmost of Bali, including the ancient Pura Luhur Sea
Temple, nearby villages, unbeatable sea views and all the attractions of Bali
within arms’ reach.

A popular destination among surfing enthusiasts, Uluwatu’s
location also makes possible a variety of activities including kitesurfing,
snorkeling, beach-combing, paragliding, tennis and golf.

Alila Villas

via Contemporist

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