De Jaeger Snail Caviar



Caviar and snails – two of France’s
most loved delicacies come together with the release of the first-of-its-kind
snail caviar by De Jaeger, a snail farm specializing in this exotic delicacy.

Being the first in the world to produce snail caviar shell-less and unpasteurized,
the farm - founded by two former snail farmers - spent nearly four years
perfecting the production and harvesting process, resulting in tiny, smooth
cream-colored pearls that reportedly burst on the tongue with subtle autumn and woody

It offers a completely different taste from the more widespread
sturgeon caviar, and is recommended by co-founder Dominique Pierru to be
consumed at room temperature with a dash of sour cream.

grams retails for US$115, a steep price justified by the complex, costly and
time-consuming process by which they are produced. And while distribution is
currently limited to a handful of selected outlets, it may soon become easier
to find, following De Jaeger’s recent negotiations with top chefs and fine food
specialists Hediard and Fauchon.

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