Gold Rush - Emmanuel David Backgammon Set



French backgammon enthusiast-turned-designer Emmanuel David
has turned his love for the game into a fine and delicate art form with his
collection of luxurious backgammon coffee tables.

These individually handcrafted tables are made of
crystal-clear acrylic, allowing David to encase various decorative elements
within the table itself, freezing them in time and space.

There is the Gold
Rush table adorned from within with gold leaf, the Wings of Desire table, in
which black and white feathers seem to float in mid air, and the Morning Dew
table, scattered with the rich scarlet hues of fresh rose petals.

On display at the Hotel Le Fouquet in Paris and Hotel
Majestic in Cannes, each of the tables has been produced in a strictly limited
quantity, with only four individually numbered and signed pieces of each design

Prices begin at €19,000 for the Gold Rush table, and go up to €31,000 for
the Morning Dew table with two matching acrylic chairs. According to David, an
unnamed emir from the Emirates has already placed an order for one.

Emmanuel David

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