Mnemosyne Flash Drive Stores Precious Moments for 1 Million Yen



Tired of the Rubik's cube and its various configurations? Here’s a new cube to tease your brain, and once you solve the
puzzle by sliding the aluminium pieces to their correct positions, you’ll be
rewarded with your prize: a detachable 16GB USB Flash drive.

The work of Milan-based Japanese design studio Toshi Satoji
Design, the Mnemosyne, as Satoji calls it, is taken from the Greek goddess of
the same name meaning “memory”, and is created for Japanese company
SolidAlliance, maker of wacky USB drives.

Notwithstanding a massive 1 million yen (or slightly more
than US$10,000) price tag, the Mnemosyne is everything a USB flash drive is

The solid cube measures 7.2 cm by 7.2 cm, a giant as far as
flash drives go. And the fact that it’s crafted out of a single block of
aluminium makes this flash drive bulky and heavy. Having to twist your way to
access the embedded drive, and then reassembling it after use is not exactly
an easy task either.

But that’s precisely what Satoji and his team of designers

“As we wanted our USB flash drive to be used with care and
attention, we chose a precious, expensive, bulky and heavy material, that would
be difficult to use,” said Satoji.

“This is exactly the opposite way that a common USB Flash
Drive is used. Something very precious shouldn’t be easy, in the same way an
opera of art isn’t,” he added.

recommend storing only photo albums of your family, wedding, anniversary
celebrations and other precious moments inside this flash drive, not the
business proposal or powerpoint slides you have prepared for the next day’s

Images are taken from IT Media +D PC User


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